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Ed Masek Jr

Hello Everyone, my name is Ed Masek Jr. and I currently live in Kitty Hawk NC, and I had the great
fortune to be born into a family that started my travel life out very early in life. My father was part of
the US Air Force and because of this I had the opportunity to live in Laos, Germany, and Hawaii, and travel to all 50 states, and travel all of Europe.
Learning to ski in Switzerland, and traveling to Italy, Holland, Sweden, Spain, Norway, and almost all of
the Caribbean, I have a true lust and passion to see the world. Growing up it was difficult to relate to
kids in school that had never had those opportunities and my goal as a travel consultant would be to
help others find out what is out there and learn to see the world on a budget. For this reason, I have
found cruising and my passion for this mode of travel has never been higher.

My best cruise to date was my second one with my full family of 18 on a cruise to Alaska for my parent's 50th wedding anniversary and these types of family group trips and memories will never be forgotten. Seeing Orca beside the ship in port, or large humpback whale pod swimming along with the ship migrating north for the summer, or 100s of bald eagles watching the water for their next meal of salmon, it just does not get any better. Until you reach the glaciers!!

I have a true passion for cruising and found it not only a great value for the family trip but also a perfect honeymoon option. My wife and I could not stop finding ways to take a week and go on a cruise.  Waking up each day in a new location on the map and meeting new people, or just enjoying the solitude of the ocean reading a book can really take the stress away from your mind.
Let me help you find that dream vacation out on the ocean or on a river, and see the world and all it has to offer. Try new food, appreciate the ocean's majestic beauty, and share the many wonders with your
loved ones, family, and meet new friends and create memories to last a lifetime and beyond.
I look forward to helping you and sharing my passion for travel and cruising with you! Please reach out to me at 804-441-2978 to get started today... !

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