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Jennifer Salazar

Travel Planner




Lives In: Texas

 Specializes In:

Disney Destinations, Family Travel, Universal Parks and Resorts


A Bit About Me

My name is Jennifer!  I am from Texas, where I am always needing to escape from tumbleweeds and flat lands!

 After being a banker for 10 years, I’ve decided to turn my travel hobby into a career.   When I was a little girl, I always dreamed of going to Disney Parks but didn’t have the chance until my little boy turned 5 years old.  At that time, I experienced my first visit to Disneyland in California.  I cannot find the words to describe our experience.  It was magical!  I was hooked!

 It’s life-changing when you can travel somewhere that is guaranteed an amazing time. Not only did my little boy have fun, but as an adult, Disney is a magical experience.  Every time I walk into the parks I get emotional because I’m thinking of all the beautiful memories I’ve made with my family and all the stress from work /life just melts away for a few days. 

This is a favorite quote I read as I walk into Main Street- "Here You Leave Today And Enter The World Of Yesterday, Tomorrow, And Fantasy”  You forget all that is going on around you and focus on the fun memories that are going to be made.

I have a passion for helping people see the beauty in travel.  Experiencing a new destination helps you create beautiful memories that last forever.  I want to help you take the stress of planning away and make it a seamless experience.  

My favorite travel destination is Florida. It's known for its great beaches, clear blue springs, theme parks, shopping, and much more.  Every time I land in that beautiful state I feel like I’m headed for an adventure. The green palm trees and sunshine have captivated me. I love spending time at my favorite beach, Anna Maria Island.  Once here, I drift into relaxation mode.  All I need is music, sunshine, and sunscreen! 


Disney World is ever-changing and I love to discover new ride additions and snacks. I visit Walt Disney World and Disneyland a few times per year. I can mention the best places to grab dinner or a snack on a hot day.  I love to share my tips and tricks to help clients have a magical vacation.


Traveling is so important for the soul.  Let me help you by taking all the stress of planning away.  I can't wait to be a part of your new travel experiences!

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