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Paige Wiscombe

Hello, My name is Paige!

I’m the fun, adventure loving woman who's running this page and I am so excited you are here! I hope to bring you awesome travel deals, inspiration to explore, tips & tricks to help you have good travel experiences and more!

Though this Travel Advisor thing is new to me, traveling is NOT. I’ve been traveling my whole life... first in the States (16) with my parents and then to many different countries (13) as an adult. AND GUESS WHAT!? I’m here for more! There is nothing more that fills my soul up then embracing a new culture or gorgeous beach. My upcoming bucket list destinations are Thailand, Africa and the Dominican Republic.


You are probably asking, is this travel consultant for me? The answer is YES, if you are looking for a dip into new culture, mixed with relaxation and adventure... all at an affordable price!


So let’s get out there and explore the world more, together!

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