For many, the idea of traveling as a family can be daunting or overwhelming. However, when generations come together on a trip they create memories that last a lifetime. This is especially true when traveling to an unfamiliar destination. Multi-generational travel creates priceless memories and strengthens family ties while presenting the perfect opportunity to spend time together in interesting environments.

The opportunity to explore and learn about the world is one that all family members should experience. From the excitement of exploring new destinations and meeting new people, to the cultural exchange and learning opportunities, there are so many great reasons for multi-generational travel.

Everyone has something to teach their children about their heritage and culture. This makes trips with grandparents invaluable in building strong familial ties between parents and children not only during childhood but also into adulthood.

Whether the trip is composed of parents and young children, or grandparents, adult children and young kids, or adult child and parent, multi-generational travel poses its own challenges. Getting around those challenges will make the trip an amazing vacation with memories that all travelers will take away with them.

Having the right travel consultant that understands the dynamics of a multi-generational vacation is very important.

Multi-generational travel is an excellent means for families that are located in different geographical areas to reconnect and create "family memories". Everyone can come from different areas and meet in one location. This is a perfect way to spend time catching up with each other. And don't forget, you won't want to overtax any family members.

Make sure there is enough for everyone to do that way if some of your family members want to relax or stay back. The goal is for everyone to enjoy and be happy!

So what does a multi-generational vacation look like? Here are some great options:

  • Beach vacations

  • All-Inclusive resorts like Beaches, Club Med, etc.

  • Cruises to the Caribbean, Alaska, Europe, and more!

  • State parks

  • Metropolitan areas with museums, parks, nightlife

  • California coast, Los Angeles

  • Hawaii

  • Europe

  • Disney World, Disneyland, and this is just the start!!

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