Hey, Don't Make These Travel Mistakes

Travel is hard when your not organized. Mistakes can happen, especially when we are rushing and stressed out to get packed, the house situated and to get everyone together to leave.

Here are some tips for a smoother trip.

  1. Overpacking; I do this one every time I travel. Yet I still think, I don't need to pack so much. We really just don't need that much stuff.

  2. Not printing your travel documents; Well in this day, many love to have it all on their phone, but I think you should still keep paper back ups. In case you lose your phone or it gets damaged.

  3. Not checking your flight itinerary before you head out; There could be last minute changes. Make sure you watch your flight status.

  4. Not checking with your phone provider for out of country rates. Please don't forget this one or you may get hit with a hefty bill.

  5. Waiting too long to book flight, hotel, etc. Sometimes we think you can wait last minute for a better deal, but that is not really the case. This can cause stress and anxiety over prices and locations.

  6. Not packing your liquids the correct way. Make sure you check with your airline.

  7. Booking everything separate and not in a package; When you book everything bundled you usually get a better rate. And ti's easier to keep track of it all!

  8. Most important, don't forget to relax and have fun!