Have you mooned lately?

What is mooned your asking? It's a term used in the travel industry. Honeymoons are a very important part of the wedding process. In fact most couples just can't wait to get past the wedding in anticipation of the honeymoon. And did you know that there is research that shows that couples that skip a honeymoon are at higher risk for divorce? That is not good. The Honeymoon has evolved, just as people have! They are taking on new meaning and offering a variety of new options. Here are the top 5 "Moons" and what they mean.

1. The Honeymoon; This is the traditional vacation couples take after getting married. Most happen right after the ceremony or a day or two later.

2- The Weddingmoon- This one is a wonderful way to combine a wedding and a honeymoon. If you are having a destination wedding, you can stay in the same location to honeymoon. Often, many of the guest stay too, which can even lead to number 4 , the Friendmoon.

3. The Latermoon; This is a term for those that can't take their honeymoon right away. Perhaps a job or a big move right after the wedding is making the couple need to place the honeymoon on a small hold. Typically within the first year of marriage.

4. Friendmoon; This one is really new. More of a Millennial thing. Many couples want to enjoy their time with both their new spouse but also close friends. They find it fun to have a mix of romantic quiet time along with some fun party time. This could also be something many do when it's a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th marriage too.

5-Babymoon; This one is a popular one. This is where couples go away before the baby arrives. It's best to go before your 4th or 5th month of pregnancy, but always consult your doctor. And some couples will even take another Babymoon when an additional child is on it's way. Leaving older kids home with relatives.

5- Familymoon; This is a great option when more than just two people are joining as one. Many times there are parents that are blending their families. It's a wonderful way to join two families and enjoy time all together as one.

These are what we see the most with our clients. But here are a couple bonus moons I have heard people talk about:

Parentmoon, Retiremoon, and of course there is always the Honeymoon Do Over(or the Honeymoon 2.0)!

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