What should I bring to Disney World(or any other big vacation)!

Your going to Walt Disney World!  Yay, and I hope one of our agents at Dreams Travel Consulting took great care of you.  But now you need to think of the packing.  And it can be overwhelming, especially if your new to travel or will be going for a longer period of time.  Ok, so we know the normal stuff- clothes, shoes, maybe your own shampoo, medicine, etc.  But here are a few things you may not have thought about!


1- Rain Ponchos- Florida is known for random downpours.  So you will be glad that you purchased some inexpensive ponchos before heading there.  If you buy them on property(like we did our first time), then you will most likely pay over $10 each(vs $2 at home).  Plus you can use them on the water rides!

 2- A filtered type water bottle- Theme park vacations makes you thirsty.  And all that walking in the sun is even worse.  Water bottles at Disney World are very expensive considering you would probably be buying several per person per day.  So get a filtered water bottle and fill it up there!

 3-Snacks for kids- I know your thinking, why would I want to pack food if I am flying?  Well, they will come in handy when you have those mid morning or late day meltdowns.  Bring granola bars, cheerios, fruit snacks, and more.  Easy things to through in the backpack for the day!


4- Small First Aid kit- The parks have First Aid areas, but you may be across the park from it when something happens.  Having a small kit with you will help with cuts, blisters, etc.

 5- Wet Wipes/Hand Sanitizer- Need I say more??

 6- Zip Lock Baggies- Use these for your electronics while on wet rides, that will protect them from getting wet!  I also love using them to pack all my toiletries in so they don't leak when flying!


7- A way to ID your kids- You can do a bracelet, tattoos, pin something onto their clothes, etc.  I googled ID bracelet for kids and get a bunch of options!





Dreams Travel Consulting can help you with your next vacation. 
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February 24, 2020

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