10 Oldest and Most Beautiful Churches in Iceland

Save this list for your trip to Iceland. We are counting down 10 of the oldest and most beautiful churches to photograph on this extraordinary island…

  1. Baenhusid in Nupsstadur around 1650 (the base could be even older),

  2. Grof at Hofdastrond: 167080,

  3. Holadomkirkja cathedral in Hjaltadalur: 1763,

  4. Videyjarkirkja church in Videy island: 1774,

  5. Landakirkja church in Heimaey island: 1778,

  6. Domkirkjan cathedral in Reykjavik: 1796,

  7. Bessastadakirkja church, at the seat of the President of Iceland: 1823,

  8. Vidimyrarkirkja church: 1834,

  9. Knappsstaðir in Fljot: 1834 (rebuilt in 1838),

  10. Bakki in Oxnadalur: 1843 (oldest house of worship in Eyjafjordur area in northern Iceland)

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