Budgeting for Iceland

Looking to go to Iceland but don't know how much to expect to spend? Here are a few times.

Iceland is far from a budget destination, and prices vary depending on the time of year you visit, with the peak summer months tending to be much more expensive than the quieter winter months. . A mid range hotel room will generally be in the region of $80 – $150 a night, and this will often include breakfast. . Car hire costs will vary depending on the type of vehicle you hire. Expect to pay $50 – $150 a day, and don’t forget to factor in the cost of the various insurance options. Gas is quite expensive.

Food is a real budget killer in Iceland. Even burgers from gas stations will be in the range of $10 – $15, whilst a sit down meal at a restaurant will have prices in the range of $30 – $50 for a main course.

The good news is that many of the attractions themselves, and particularly the natural attractions like waterfalls and national parks, are free to visit. . Email me and I’ll be happy to arrange a trip to Iceland that’s inside your budget. . #visiticeland #travelbucketlist #vacationideas #honeymoonplanning #vacationplanning #iceland #roadtripiceland