Why plan an average vacation when you can rent a villa and turn into a meaningful experience you’ll never forget? Here’s why you should rent a villa.

December 19, 2019



Top Reasons to Rent a Villa


You spend months or years saving up for that dream vacation, but then end up booking a substandard hotel room or condo to save a little time. But it’s not just about where you go on vacation; it’s also about where you stay. Want a transformational vacation you won’t forget? Here’s why you should skip the tired hotel rooms and rent a villa instead.


Rent a Villa for Added Privacy


Some people thrive on staying in the middle of the action and being a stone’s throw from the busy streets of Rome, festivals in Los Cabos, or bustling theme parks in Florida. For everyone else, searching for a quiet vacation rental can be a daunting and painstaking task.


Rent a villa of your own, and you have all the privacy you want without compromising on your vacation goals. You can still dip your toes in the sand, throw open the doors to see vineyard views, or get back to the theme parks after a private swim and reprieve from the bustling crowds. A villa is more than just renting a house for a few days; it’s about high-end luxuries and amenities with a certain charm and privacy. You’re never worried about noise from upstairs neighbors or sharing an overcrowded pool with an entire apartment complex.


Spread Out and Stay Friends


Have you ever traveled with friends or family? Vacation tensions usually run high when everyone comes back to a cramped vacation rental tired and hungry. The good news is you don’t need new friends; you just need more space on your next vacation. Whether you’re traveling for a family reunion or a college reunion, renting a villa provides more space and sanity. Enjoy being together in a roomy villa where everyone can get comfortable and enjoy the amenities like a pool or hot tub. Then shut your own door at night and relish in the quiet.


Hire Your Own Chef


Getting away from the grind on a much-needed vacation comes to an abrupt halt when cooking for a group is involved. A vacation rental with friends and family means someone is always meal planning and making grocery store runs while everyone else relaxes. Prepping all of the ingredients, setting the table for everyone, and cleaning up are also less than desirable tasks while vacationing in the Caribbean. But eating out multiple times a day in a big group just isn’t practical for many travelers looking for something more laid-back.


Rent a villa with a modern kitchen and hire a chef to cook up delicious, affordable meals. Your travel consultant or villa property management can help connect you with a reputable chef practiced at cooking for vacation villas. Chipping in as a group can also turn a private chef into a reasonable expense that proves cheaper than daily restaurant dining.


Of course, if you feel like your best self when you’re whipping up a masterpiece in the kitchen, you can always flex your culinary genius. Request a villa kitchen with plenty of space to spread out and create.


Explore New Possibilities


Have you ever wanted to travel to an exotic location only to discover a hotel isn’t practical? Staying in the Tuscan countryside is doable in a cozy bed and breakfast or small boutique hotel. However, your options are limited in rural and remote areas. Instead of looking at just a handful of accommodations for your next trip, renting a villa opens up dozens of places to pick and choose from.


You can even customize a villa request with your travel consultant to include proximity to a vineyard tour or mountain views from your bedroom. That type of meticulous, curated planning isn’t always possible in every location on your vacation wish list.



Transform Your Travel Experience


Have you ever arrived in a glorious location like Turks and Caicos with high hopes and felt deflated by the underwhelming hotel you booked?  Some locations need accommodations that match their beauty to immerse travelers in the experience. Why waste your time on average when you could rent a villa for an unforgettable travel experience?


When you want to book a villa, we only use suppliers that are vetted and a part of the Virtuoso Network.  [1] With destinations like the Caribbean, Italy, Florida, Mexico, and beyond, let your imagination run wild and look for villas with a private swim dock, stretch of sandy beach, pool, or shady outdoor deck overlooking the ocean. Lounging around at your villa and bonding with loved ones will likely be the most memorable and meaningful part of your entire vacation.





Ready to rent a villa and transform your next vacation? Fill out a Vacation Request Form, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible to help create your dream vacation.


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