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A Perfect Crete Getaway!

Ahhh, Greece! For many, it's a reminder of their favorite movie “Mama Mia.” For me, it's the enjoyment of warm, calm, clear waters, and fresh flavorful food. The Island of Crete was nothing short of this. Any photos you may have seen of the bright blue waters are just as pure in person. The beaches are as if they are lakes, very calm and stay shallow as you get further into the ocean. It's picturesque as the island is lined with beautiful mountains and snow fading away at their peaks as warmer weather is welcomed. Crete, being Greece’s largest island stretching 160 miles long is filled with fantastic beaches and yet remains one of their calmest islands in terms of tourists. Making it the perfect place to plan your next vacation!

Most of my time was spent in the town of Chania. A town where narrow cobblestone streets lead to waterfront restaurants where you can overlook the historic Venetian harbor. This harbor is guarded by a Lighthouse and built in 1570, you can still walk to the base of it and enjoy views of the harbor. Surviving historical events such as WW2, the lighthouse still stands strong, and is a sight to see. You can then take a stroll to the archeological museum of Chania where it is riddled with Roman and Minoan artifacts. This is just one of many museums Crete offers, as it is an island with a rich history.

After enjoying the historical sites, it was time for a bite to eat. Greek food has long remained a favorite of mine as the flavors are powerful yet clean and simple. From the most flavorful pork chop I’ve ever had to fresh hummus, pita bread, chicken, lamb, and amazing Greek coffees, their feta cheese was the most mind-blowing. Feta cheese, sounds simple, right? You could say so, but the Greeks serve it fresh which offers that powerful flavor. Whether you’ve had a long day at the beach or site seeing, you’re guaranteed to be refreshed with an amazing Greek meal. The town of Chania is barely a start to what Greece offers. If you find yourself on the island of Crete, the options are endless. Heraklion, Elafonisi, Balos, and Rethymenon offer more beaches too, and the architecture that you’ll find is more than pleasing! If you are deciding on where to travel next, I would put Greece as your first choice!

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