Dunn’s River Catamaran Cruise

Blog by Paige Wiscombe

When visiting Jamaica for my first time, I didn’t have much time to explore the Island (nor was much open due to Covid19 Restrictions) but I did get the chance to do one excursion! One excursion while in Jamaica for a whole week? I know… I was working ;) BUT! This excursion did not disappoint in any regard! Actually to date, it was one of my all-time favorite excursions that I have ever been on. I 10/10 recommend that you go on it if you are going to visit this section of Jamaican Island.

So what is included?

  • Ship departure right from the resort- no busing or transportation needed

  • Round trip transportation on an amazing and clean catamaran

  • Snorkeling with a guide and all the gear to participate

  • A guided hike straight up the Dunn’s River Fall’s

  • Unlimited snacks and beverages (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic)

  • Dance party hosted with a DJ and fun guides

During my experience, they also took us for a dolphin show which was a completely unexpected treat, especially for those who have never seen how amazing the dolphin species is! *Note this is not included on all excursions.

The Tour

All the guides on this tour were extremely personal and very dedicated to making sure every single person on this experience had an amazing time! I can’t tell you how “different” that is from other experiences that I have had before in other countries/ resorts. During the snorkeling adventure, they are very efficient at passing out gear, dividing people into groups based on experience, educating those who had never been before and getting you into the water as quick as possible. Each group had their own snorkeling guide who knew the area very well, so as you followed them they could point out big land marks under the water, knew what kind of creatures you would likely see so that they could educate you about each of them and made sure you were safe and having fun! Our guide specifically was great with the creatures, he pulled up a sea urchin, let us hold it and then even showed us how the fish like to eat them! So cool!

For the hike up Dunn’s River Falls, the boat crew passes you off to the River Guides. This ensured that you got an excellent guide for this part of the tour! When we first got with the guides, they educated us on how to be safe in the falls and how they would be filming/taking pictures, then we moved straight into the hike (there was never much down time or waiting around in this excursion-which I personally loved). The Dunn’s River Falls is like no other experience I have had before! You are in a rainforest atmosphere, climbing up a waterfall and it is AMAZING.

The Catamaran Cruising was intertwined throughout the trip, but the best part being at the end of the experience when they started the party! Imagine cruising in a catamaran in the gorgeous BLUE Caribbean Sea, the live DJ blasting music, dancing, eating snacks, and sipping your beverage of choice… literally it can’t get any better! The crew at this point is very attentive, bringing you snacks, drinks and dancing with you… making sure every single person has a smile on their face.

What to Bring:

There are a few items that I would definitely bring on this excursion and really any water/ snorkeling excursion that you go on anywhere! I have linked a few of my favorites on Amazon below!

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This excursion was really like 4 excursions all wrapped into one and it only took a 1/2 day! Plus another bonus is that it is extremely affordable, ONLY $118 per adult. I couldn’t believe the value! Again, this isn’t something you want to miss out if you are on this area of the island!

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