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Start your New Year off right… with a dream & a plan!

Well, here we are in 2023. I can't believe it. The years just pass faster and faster the older I get. But I do love the reset it brings.

A new year is like a blank canvas just waiting for us to paint our hopes, dreams and plans onto. I am excited to plan my travel year out. What will yours look like?

One thing I have learned over the years is that travel is a necessity to disconnect from the day-to-day and reconnect with those you love. For that reason, I thought I would start the year out by talking about how important it is to make travel a priority!

Do you love a fresh new season as much as I do? There is just something about having a new calendar all stretched out before me that I find so refreshing and invigorating!

Whether you start each season with resolutions and checklists or it’s a bit more fluid and relaxed… it’s still the perfect time to reflect on where we have been, where we are going, and where we hope to be.

I am so thankful for the lessons and blessings of the past year. It has been a period of great reflection, full of incredible experiences and special opportunities. And travel has been such a huge part of that! Thank you once again, to all our valued clients and future clients. Let's dream about all those amazing destinations! I am so excited to help you plan for a fantastic 2023!

I invite you to take this month to start planning for your much-needed and well-deserved vacation.

Allow yourself to dream freely, without limitations. Imagine your best family vacation yet! What does that look like? What do you want to experience?

Spend some time really picturing your family enjoying that trip.

Don’t worry about how you will make it happen . . . yet!

I’ll be sharing my very best recommendations for prioritizing and affording family travel over the next few weeks.

But, for now, simply let yourself dream… and embrace the idea that anything is possible, and you and your family truly deserve it. I can’t wait to hear what those dreams include and to help you plan for them!

Happy Travel Planning!

Denise Lorentzen, CTA

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