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The answer you are searching for - the perfect time to travel.

There will never be a perfect time to travel.

I know you see friends traveling on Facebook, get inspiration from Pinterest, and scroll through Instagram wishing you could be in one of those amazing places you see in your feed!

You want to travel, but you feel like it is never the right time. You have something going on at work, and you need the money to replace your washing machine or any number of things that pop up.

There will never be a point in your life devoid of all worries and obligations where you can explore the world in a 100% carefree state. Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that the future trip you’re banking on will even be possible. Natural disasters, political unrest, and personal health issues can and do occur unexpectedly.

I want you to start seeing travel not as a life distraction, but as a life enhancer.

Teaching you about yourself and your surroundings, travel helps to make your day-to-day life richer and more worthwhile. In addition, it instills in your children traits like curiosity, flexibility, and a greater understanding and acceptance of people who think differently.

Travel imparts new skills while building up your old strengths, helping you personally and professionally.

It is really easy to prioritize family travel if you do a little work…

We all know how easy it can be to lose sight of your priorities. In fact, if I had polled you two or three years ago, you probably would have said family time was a priority for you.

How did we do it all when we worked in traditional office spaces?

Frankly, we didn’t. Like most everyone, you probably said your family is your number one priority, but then - when having to make a one or the other decision - frequently, quality family time got pushed aside when work projects came up.

If we’ve learned nothing else from the 2020-2021 work-from-home initiative, it’s a realization of how thinly stretched we previously were between work and home life responsibilities.

And even working from home, we need to prioritize. I have a home-based office and I still feel pulled and struggle with time blocking and work vs. family time.

When I started to find the inspiration behind why I wanted something, it completely transformed the goals I set and my motivation to achieve them.

Your priorities should be the things that give life meaning and a purpose.

Traveling is a priority for me because it excites and refreshes me. I always have a deep desire to see and learn new things. When I travel, I feel happy and satisfied. And I love that feeling of being away from the day-to-day. It makes me feel appreciation for everything I have. It was also important to me, when my kids were young, to teach them to travel, and have them feel comfortable learning about all the other ways of the world.

If you want to travel because "everyone else is doing it," you will quickly lose motivation. So instead, you have to dive deep and uncover why it is so important to you.

How do you feel or want to feel when you are traveling?

We are much more motivated when we attach emotions to our goals.

Here’s a ten-twenty minute exercise you can do in the afternoon car-pool lane or half an hour before you wake the kids up tomorrow morning.

I want you to open the notes file on your phone (or grab a pen & pad of paper), set a timer for five (or ten) minutes, and write down all the reasons you think you want to travel.

When the timer is up, I want you to set a timer for another five-ten minutes and reflect on each of those reasons - which one do you connect with the most emotionally?

Now I want you to surround yourself with images that remind you of that reason.

I use a board on my wall next to my desk. I fill it with experiences I have had or that I want to have.

I have seen people succeed by displaying their goals on their phone lock screen, setting a reminder on their calendars every day, and doing daily affirmations.