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The Best and Worst Times to Visit Walt Disney World in 2025

Planning a visit to Walt Disney World in 2025?! Timing is EVERYTHING when it comes to Disney! To avoid long lines, high prices, and get good weather, there are good and bad times to go! To have the most magical vacation possible, check out this list of the best and worst times to visit Walt Disney World in 2025!


Best Times to Visit:


End of January and Beginning of February

·      After the rush of the holidays, crowds tend to be lighter

·      Cooler temperatures make exploring the parks much more comfortable!


First Week of March

·      The first week of March is still safe before the RUSH of Spring Break Crowds!

·      Weather is still manageable with lower temperatures and lower chances of rain


All of May

·      May is one of my top recommendations! Crowds have died down after Spring Breaks, and kids aren’t out of school yet, so crowd levels can be very low!

·      Temperatures do start to heat up in May, but aren’t as terrible as the summer months. There can be some rain, but also not as much as the summer.

·      Plus, you still can enjoy the BEAUTIFUL Flower & Garden Festival at Epcot!


Beginning and End of October

·      If you love fall, the beginning and end of October are great for weather and crowds. Its still hot, but the major summer heat will be gone.

·      Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party will be going on


Mid November and Early December

·      The 2 weeks in the middle of November, and the first 2.5 weeks of December can be a great time to visit! Beautiful weather and lower crowds.

·      Mickeys Very Merry Christmas parties will be in full force and the parks will be decorated for Christmas!


WORST Times to Visit:


First 2-3 Weeks of January

·      Between the New Years Crowds, Run Disney races, and MLK weekend, its best to avoid the first 2-3 weeks of January! Week days on week 3 won’t be terrible, but if you can wait until the 4th week in January then do it!


Presidents Day Weekend!

·      The 3rd weekend in February is Presidents Day Weekend and it will be VERY busy! There are also Cheer competitions and a Run Disney race the weekend before and after making crowds this week ones that you will want to avoid.


Most of March and April

·      With the exception of the first week in March and last week in April, you may want to avoid this time of the year!


Mid October

·      The week of Columbus Day is a fall break for a lot schools so crowd levels increase this week!


Jersey Week!

·      The first week of November is considered Jersey Week. Crowds flock from New Jersey to Disney World this week and crowd levels are much higher.


Thanksgiving and Christmas

·      The last week of November will be very busy for Thanksgiving

·      Starting the third weekend in December (around December 19th) through New Years, crowds will be the busiest that Disney sees all year!


Proceed with Caution!


Summer Months (June-Sept)

·      These months will have lower to moderate crowds which is nice, but the weather will be HOT and intense. If you do choose to go during this time of the year, you will want to go in with a strategy!


Tips for Making the Most of Your Visit:

  • ~Utilize my complimentary planning services!

  • ~Plan Ahead: Book dining reservations early.

  • ~Use the My Disney Experience App: Stay updated on wait times and show schedules.

  • ~Arrive Early or Stay Late: Enjoy shorter wait times during these times.

  • ~Stay Flexible: Be prepared to change plans if crowds become overwhelming.


If you must go during some of the busier times of the year due to school/work schedules, utilize our complimentary planning services so that we can help you come up with a customized park strategy to make the most of your visit! Even during the busiest of times, a day at Disney is better than a day at home/work/school! Contact us today for help planning your next Disney vacation! Choose your dates wisely and get ready for an unforgettable experience at the most magical place on earth!

Randi is a Team Mentor and Travel Planner with Dreams Travel Consulting. She is a Disney World expert. You can reach her at


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