You only have 18 Summers with your children, make them count!

Did you know you have 18 summers with your “kids”. Then they grow up and fly the nest. Are you using these years to create memories they will carry with them into adulthood?

Now that 2020 is in our rearview mirror and we have renewed excitement to what 2021 will bring, let’s chat about something that we often forget. Time. It goes fast. And when you first have kids, it seems like you have a long time ahead of you to get all those firsts and special events done. But then the next thing you know, the kids are 10, then 15, then 20. Yikes! Does this sound like you? I have read that the average American family does not think they spend enough time together (we were guilty of this at times too). Between school, work, sports, and extracurricular activities it is no surprise that we are all feeling disconnected and burned out. Then add that 2020 was basically cancelled. So that means, you NEED to find time this year to reconnect with your loved. No distractions and no excuses: just you and your kids (or Grandkids, or aunts, uncles, friends) spending “quality time”, enjoying each other’s company and maybe even experiencing an unfamiliar culture together. Don’t let “Next Year, maybe” turn into the year after that...and so forth...until you “blink” and are sitting at their high school graduation wondering what happened!

Travel is proven to be a wonderful learning tool for children. Seeing how people live in other countries can open their minds and hearts and expand their imagination exponentially. And with many schools going virtual and home based, it’s a great way to extend their education. If you home school, travel is a good way to teach them about other parts of the world. Even those parts that are in our own backyard. Here are a few things that travel can provide for your family:

1. It can create lasting relationships...both between your own family members and people you meet while on the road. These folks that you run into along the way give you a glimpse of what life is like outside your regular circle of friends and can give you a fresh perspective on how other cultures live. People have been cooped up all year and are now itching to get out and reconnect. Meet new friends. Allow your children to make new friends.

2. You can learn about other locations …There is something exciting about being in a new environment. Even if that is just in another state over from yours. Perhaps it’s new foods to try, new smells, new shops, and even different weather. Wherever you roam, take time to see everything that is different. And allow the kids to learn from it!

3. It gives you and your kids perspective…Meeting folks from other cultures(or just other states) will teach you that the way you look at the world (maybe through the distorted lens of our mass media) is not the way everybody does – and that you could be dead wrong about some things!

4. It allows you to just