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Aleks Dunn

Travel Planner

Phone: 805-588-5719


Lives in California

 Specializes In: Disney Destinations, Family Travel

My Certifications:

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A Bit About Me

From a young age, my passion for travel and Disney has been ingrained in my very being.  Growing up, my uncle’s role as an Imagineer, contributing to the grand opening of EPCOT, set the stage for a lifelong enchantment with all things Disney through my trips to the park with him and my family.


From him, I acquired a deep appreciation for how Disney effortlessly weaves intricate, magical details that elevate every moment into something extraordinary. This appreciation has carried through in every aspect of my life.


As a child, I eagerly took on the role of the trip planner, immersing myself in researching every facet of our destination. Creating magical moments for families and guests was the highlight of my time working for the
Disneyland Resort, where I trained the horses and worked in the animal department known as Circle D for six years. Seeing the impact my role played in making those magical, life-long memories continued to feed my passion for designing custom experiences.


Vacations to Disney can be daunting, and I am thrilled at the opportunity to do the heavy lifting so you can enjoy every moment.

A few things about me!

1. Former Disney Cast member (Equine Trainer at Disneyland)
2. I have driven a horse and carriage through Disneyland after park hours
3. Born in Germany
4. Travels every year with my Framily (Friends who are like family)
5. Avid Tiki Mug Collector
6. Grew up on Air Force Bases
7. Loves the Muppets!
8. Majored in Art History with an emphasis in Animation
9. Loves reading and usually has 3-4 books going at once
10. My Absolute favorite food is pickles! Love the Disneyland pickles!

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