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Start Your Travel Planning Career Today

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Now is the best time to start training for a career in travel!

The Travel Advisor is more important than ever! 

They are advocates for their clients.

Dreams Travel Consulting is looking for people who want to start and build their travel business. We are looking for passionate people with the desire to grow.

  • Do you love to travel and help your friends and family with their travel plans?

  • Do you desire to be your own boss so you can work around your family's schedule?

  • Do you want to create a great business that is passionate about deepening family bonds through travel?

  • Are you driven, disciplined, and excited?

  • Do you have at least 10-20 hours a week to devote to this?

  • Do you have great community connections and social media accounts?

  • Do you have a computer, internet, phone, and a place to work?

We are looking for individuals who have a desire to work with clients planning fantastic travel experiences, have traveled themselves, are great with writing and communication, have knowledge of online applications and social media, and have a good community connection (for building a business). 


Dreams Travel Consulting would love to partner with you on your travel entrepreneur journey. We specialize in Family Travel and also the following:

  • Disney/Theme Park Travel

  • Multi-Gen/Group Travel

  • Celebration Travel

  • Adventure/Cultural Travel

  • Romance Travel

If our branding resonates with you and you align with our company message, we would love to chat with you. We are looking for like-minded individuals ready to launch their travel planning careers. 

Where do you start?

If you are new to travel, you can start with our DTC Training Program. This training will give you all the tools you need to begin working as a home-based travel planner with Dreams Travel Consulting.

Our self-guided training program allows you to work at your own pace. You will have mentoring calls with the owner, Denise Lorentzen, along the way as well. 

You will learn how to be strategic in your business. Making short- and long-term goals, looking at numbers, choosing travel supplier partners, and other day-to-day tasks. This training is in addition to learning how to quote, book vacations, service clients, and much more.



If you are a seasoned travel advisor, we would love to chat! We encourage you to apply to our agency. 




1. Mentorship from the owner of Dreams Travel Consulting.

  • Access to Denise when needed

  • You get one-on-one session calls to work on your travel business

  • Three Team Mentors that assist during your training

  • A Mentor for your first 6 months to help you navigate everything and book travel(new agents only)

  • Monthly team meetings- 1-2 per month.

  • Built-in Google Chat messaging program with our Google Suite program.  Group chat with each other for help and just for fun!

  • Special opportunity to be a member of the DTC Coaching program for higher-level agents.


2. Training and education from Suppliers (Disney, Royal Caribbean, Sandals, and much more) and Dreams Travel Consulting.

  • A self-paced – online learning system with most of our suppliers

  • Comprehensive curriculum on sales, marketing, operations, industry/ supplier knowledge, an entrepreneurial mindset, and more

  • Scenario/practice quote training to learn how to best send proposals to clients.


3. Business Foundations established for you. You can start booking, earning commissions, and learning the ropes immediately!

  • Travel agent credentials – Sellers of Travel Licenses, Errors and Omissions Insurance Coverage, CLIA card; available to apply upon training completion

  • Working with Dreams Travel Consulting and our brand, you get the power of a brand that has been well-established since 2014

  • Business Page on the website, with your own Dreams Brand email

  • Client management tools – CRM for entering your clients, leads, bookings, and tasks

  • Travel Consortia with additional tools like marketing, Profiler Page for leads, education, more.

4. Relationships in the industry, guidance for growth

  • We have developed great relationships with our Business Development Managers at select suppliers.

  • Earmarked with the Walt Disney Travel Company

  • Supplier training calls

If you took the time to purchase/invest in each program needed to operate your business in the first year, you would spend over $5500. By joining our travel agency, you get all the benefits of the program and personal mentoring from the owner, but you'll be able to save time and money!

We offer a low-cost start-up fee of just $349 (Training and onboarding) for new agents. Experienced agents may waive the training portion. The monthly admin fee is $45 and is waived for the first month.  This covers the ongoing costs of your tools like email, CRM, EandO, team calls, training, and more.

If this sounds like something you would love to hear more about, please fill out our quick form HERE, and we will be in touch in a few days!

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