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Angie Barnett

Travel Planner




Lives In: North Carolina

 Specializes In:

Disney Destinations, Family Travel, Universal Parks and Resorts, Cruise Vacations

My Certifications:

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A Bit About Me

My name is Angie Barnett.  I have been a stay home mom for the past 10 years for my beautiful children and have loved (almost) every moment.  I also homeschool both of my children (ages 11 and 5).  Sharing those special moments has really opened my eyes to seeing the world through their eyes.  Every time we travel to places that I have already been to a million times, I get to have that experience all over again.  


I became passionate about travel as an adult.  As a child, I was always fascinated with travel and seeing new places.  I’d read stories based in Europe and Asia.  I dreamt of seeing those places.  Every year I would sit in front of the tv watching the Disney parades and dreaming of going there.  Unfortunately, my amazing parents were never able to give me those experiences, but now as an adult, I have begun to check off my bucket travel list.


In 2019 I was finally able to make my dream of going to Disney World a reality.  Being there was one of the most magical times of my life.  It was only made more amazing by seeing the joy and amazement of my young children.  


I strive to learn all I can about my favorite travel destinations.  Whether it’s Disney World or Universal Studios I make it my mission to not only visit as frequently as possible but also learn all the new tidbits that can make a vacation into a life-altering experience.  Researching and planning is all part of the fun for me and I can’t wait to put all my enthusiasm into putting together an amazing vacation for you and your family.

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