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Brittney J. Smith

Travel Planner




Lives In: Kentucky

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Disney Destinations, Family Travel, Universal Parks and Resorts, Cruise Vacations


A Bit About Me

Once upon a time, there was a mother named Brittney and a father named Matthew. They had two sweet daughters named Ella Blue and Nova Cole. They dreamed of taking their daughters to a magical kingdom called Walt Disney World. “We’ll take them one day when they’re old enough to remember,” said the parents.


No sooner than the silly statement left their lips did a fairy travel godmother pop into their lives. “Nonsense,” she exclaimed, “the magic of Disney can be felt by all. It doesn’t matter how big or how small.”


And so, with a bit of pixie dust and plenty of logistics, the young family set off to the faraway land called Orlando. It was an unforgettable trip. It was colorful and exciting, sweet and adventurous—everything you’d expect in a storybook adventure. But the most magical part of their adventure was at the very end. At the close of the day the kingdom and its visitors gathered to see a fireworks display. They were so majestic they could take your breath away.


During the show, Brittney looked into the eyes of her children. She saw the reflection of the fireworks as well as wonder, hope, and awe. It brought tender tears to her eyes and ignited something sparkly in her heart. At that moment, Brittney knew she had to help other parents experience the same joy. The joy that is to give to their families in this way.



Hi! I'm Brittney. An imaginative, excitable, and detail-obsessed travel designer. I was blessed to be allowed to travel often as a child and young adult. Before I became a mother, I knew I wanted the same for my kids. I soon realized I couldn't stop there. I wanted everyone to experience the enchantment of family travel.


I know what it’s like to try and carve out special moments for family in this hustle culture. I stepped back from corporate America when my youngest was just over a year old. Because, let me tell you, family is everything. Making the moments count is crucial in this fast-paced culture. Traveling together strengthens family bonds, creates opportunities for personal growth, and provides a break from the stresses of everyday life.


When it comes to vactioneering, there's a lot to iron out. Mama, I know you’ve got plenty on your mental plate. I know you need to rest. I know you could use the break from figuring out the details for everyone else.

Let me help you plan a vacation that gives you the intentional space of rest, and the magic of adventuring together as a family. I can help you choose the right accommodations, plan activities that touch on the interests of everyone in your family, and make time for fun (and naps) while navigating the transportation to make your trip all you hope for and more. 


Let’s chat. You deserve it.

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