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Brittney J. Smith

Travel Planner

Phone: 859-474-0662

Lives In: Kentucky

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 Specializes In:

Multigenerational and Family Travel, USA and International Destinations, Cruises, Disney Destinations, Tropical Getaways

My Certifications:

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Hi, I'm Brittney Smith.

I blend the heart of motherhood with the art of travel.


My own globetrotting began in childhood. I was a lucky kid. My parents and grandparents made sure I was well-traveled. Being immersed in adventure and other cultures as a child shapes my business today.


I love to craft unique stories for every family. But my true north is empowering fellow mamas to focus on self-care. I want them to experience the thrill of family travel while weaving tranquil moments into their family adventures.


Witnessing my children marvel at the world for the first time was a treasure. A sight every mother deserves to experience, and through the lens of relaxed pause. Seeing new places through the eyes of a child is fascinating. But when you see your own and feel the burst of exhilaration and goosebumps, it's unlike anything I've ever experienced. That magic, that heart-stirring sensation, is what I wish for every mom I work with.


I prioritize balancing the needs of every traveler in the family. From 0-100, there's always joy to behold while traveling. My focus is always on crafting journeys that offer adventures for all. I aim to ensure space for everyone (especially mom) to feel reinvigorated.


I love this job. I love facilitating connection, growth, and true harmony within families and self. I love it when my clients get goosebumps at the thought of the travel I plan for them.


I'd love to do that for you too, mama friend. Want to learn more about working with me? 


Fill out my no-strings-attached discovery questionnaire with any details of your dream vacation. 


I'll take it from there.



Click here for the questionnaire, freebies, and other info!

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