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Drew Gedemer

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Lives In: Illinois

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Disney Destinations, Family Travel, Universal Parks and Resorts, 


A Bit About Me

Hey There!


Hello and welcome to a world of limitless adventures!  My name is Drew, and I'm your dedicated travel agent and enthusiast ready to take your wanderlust dreams into an unforgettable experience!  With a passion for exploration and an unwavering love of all things Disney, I am here to help curate the perfect travel experience for you and your family.


Disney Dreams:  Where Magic Meets Reality


Embark on a journey to the enchanting realms of Disney with me.  As a husband and father of 3 children, I love working with families who are looking to build a stress-free trip and be in the moment for every magic twinkle that comes to my kid's sight.  To me, traveling as a family is not only about the destination but creating those lasting memories and strengthening the bond of our family. 


I am highly focused on experiences, rides, and shows to capture the most magical moments at the parks.  I help by creating magical, memorable, and manageable Disney World vacations that are customized to everyone's interests and help prioritize what are the most meaningful memories you and your family want to make.  I am committed to crafting tailor-made itineraries that capture the essence of each park, ensuring the moment is filled with laughter, joy, and of course a touch of pixie dust!


I also specialize in budget-friendly travel and adhere to the principles of the FIRE movement. Prioritizing your desired experiences, including comfortable travel, logistics, and excursions, ensures we maximize your vacation value, allowing you to focus on enjoyment rather than budget concerns.


Some of my favorite places:


Magic:  Disney destinations simply do not compare to any other family trip.  The amount of experiences for people of all ages is unmatched.  My favorite park is Hollywood Studios, as I am a big Star Wars fan!


Mountains:  Other favorites include anywhere with mountains!  Some of the more recent trips have been to Seattle, Colorado, and Utah.  Our family enjoys visiting the national parks in those areas, hiking as well as camping out in the wilderness!


Marriage:  My wife and I have really fallen in love with all-inclusive beach resorts as of late.  With our busy house of 3 kids, it has been a great getaway for us to drop into Cancun or more recently the Dominican Republic.  Adult-only resorts have certainly changed our perspective, as we take some quick getaways kid-free!

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