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Sami Tibbetts

Travel Planner




Lives In: Arizona

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Disney Destinations, Family Travel, Universal Parks and Resorts


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A Bit About Me

My name is Sami, I have been traveling around the US for my whole life with my family.

But in spite of all our varying family vacations, none ever felt like "home" or "family" quite like Disney. We used to be annual pass holders when I was a kid and, even though it was a 6-hour drive, we went every other weekend to Disneyland. It was these trips as a family that created my love for all things Disney and Disney parks.


What I didn't realize until I was an adult and started my own family, was that those trips were something I valued so much that I wanted to pass them on to my son too. I look forward to his first Disney trip and creating even more memories to add to my Disney vault. I also hope to create that kind of magic for other families, no matter their family dynamic. Everyone deserves to experience the magic that I have lived through at least once in their life. And I look forward to planning more magical adventures for families of all types.

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