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Creating a Family Bucket List

You have heard about the "Bucket List" right? Most older adults talk about it, create one, and try to accomplish things on them. Even the movie starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman did a great job telling the story of two terminally ill men taking off with their to-do list before they die. Well, why do we wait till then to do this? I think a bucket list is something we should start earlier in life. Isn't life meant to be lived? And to the fullest? And how about taking it one step further and creating a Family Bucket List? These can be the places you want to take your kids to before they grow up and move out. And I even think it's meant to go one step further and to be an ongoing list as they grow, maybe marry or have their own kids. You can also get grandparents, aunts, uncles, and good friends involved. It can be your family’s Life Bucket List!

So let’s get started! Get a piece of paper and list the places you would all love to visit. Everyone can offer up a few to the list.

Here are some suggestions:


Portland, OR/Seattle/WA

Los Angeles/Disneyland/San Diego

San Antonio, TX

Washington DC


Chicago, IL

Orlando, FL

Florida Beaches

Austin, TX

The Caribbean

The Bahamas

Turks and Caicos




Europe River Cruise

Ocean Cruise

These are great starting points. So now it's up to you to start your list! Gather the family and have some fun.

Once your list is set(and remember you can change it from time to time), decide on your first trip! Then the fun starts. Leave a comment below to tell me how it goes!

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