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A Christmas Cruise is waiting!

There is still time to book that last-minute holiday cruise!

A Christmas cruise can be an enjoyable experience for you and your family! Especially if you’ve grown weary of rushed, busy, and cold Christmases! How about flip flops instead of winter boots? And destinations like Mexico, The Bahamas, and the Caribbean are amazing this time of year. Christmas cruises have so much to do onboard and have even better ports!

Family Time

When families typically get together for the holidays, it always involves prep work like cooking, cleaning, decorating, not to mention taking care of out-of-town family. But when you’re on a cruise, you get to enjoy each other’s company.


Imagine yourself sitting pool side, or beach side in the sun enjoying a tropical cocktail underneath a palm tree instead of worrying about snow. Sounds amazing right? and the Sunshine can be so therapeutic.

On board Entertainment

I think holiday entertainment at sea is the best! I love all that the cruise lines offer. From Christmas movies, stage shows, and more, it's the best for holiday entertainment.


A cruise could be a great way to Christmas shop. How about getting some Tequila in Cozumel or some Coffee from the Blue Mountains of Jamaica? I love little unique finds in each port. The gift ideas are limitless!

Christmas Traditions

You don’t have to miss timeless Christmas traditions while at sea. Non-denominational services are usually offered, and you can even sing carols around the tree before Christmas Dinner is served.


Immerse yourself in the beauty of the holiday with all your cruise ship is sure to offer. Beautiful wreaths, trees—large and small, will make your holiday festive and bright! And the best thing- you don’t have to clean it up when the holidays are over.

Memories I am confident that a Christmas cruise will be one of your best family vacations for years to come. Everyone will remember the time they built sandcastles on the beach on Christmas Eve.

Room Service

Don't feel like getting up? Have Christmas breakfast in bed! And you can even enjoy a movie or two while you lay around and relax. As a mom, I LOVE room service!

Ready to explore the possibilities of a holiday cruise? CLICK HERE to request a quote.

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