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Breaking Free from 'Next Year, Maybe': Rediscover Family Bonding in Today's Fast-Paced World

One day…we’re going to take the kids to Hawaii!”, “We really want to travel over to Europe, but we’re waiting until the kids are older”; “We want to go out West and see the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone, but our summers are just too busy”; "We plan on visiting Disney World but decided to wait until the kids can really remember it".   Do any of these sound familiar?

We've all been there, caught in the loop of 'next year, maybe' or 'one day we will'. The dream vacation, the family adventures- they remain a distant promise amid the chaos of school, work, extracurricular activities, and even just "the kids are too little".

But have you stopped to think how many summers you actually have with your kids before they grow up? We're granted a mere 18 summers to weave unforgettable memories with our children before they embark on their own journeys. These summers are fleeting, a finite collection of seasons that slip through our fingers faster than we realize. As parents, it's crucial to recognize the importance of taking advantage of this time to create lasting bonds through travel. So, why wait for 'someday'? The clock is ticking, and the magic of those 18 summers is calling. It's time to pack your bags, embrace the adventure, and make every moment count!

Travel has also proven to be a wonderful learning tool for children. Learning to navigate the airport, seeing how people live in other countries, trying new foods, experiencing arts and entertainment, and having a healthy dose of fun are some amazing ways for kids to learn.

Here are a few things that travel can provide for your family: 

The Perks of Family Travel:

"Ever caught yourself saying, 'We'll take the kids to Hawaii someday'? Well, someday is now. Family travel is not just a getaway; it's an opportunity to reconnect, free from distractions and excuses. It's a necessary part of our health and happiness. Picture yourself and your kids, forging stronger bonds, immersed in each other's company, and maybe even discovering a new culture together."

Learning Beyond Borders:

"Travel isn't just a break from routine; it's a remarkable learning tool for children. Exposing them to different cultures broadens their minds and hearts, expanding their imaginations exponentially. Imagine the impact of sharing a meal in Lausanne, Switzerland, where a spiked-hair, tattooed Aussie becomes a friend and not a stranger. Travel teaches us that the world is a vast, diverse place, far beyond the confines of our regular circles."

Language and Laughter:

"Venture beyond your linguistic comfort zone. There's something thrilling about attempting to converse in a foreign language – be it a few words of French, greetings in Portuguese, or deciphering an all-Italian menu. The memories of ordering goat's testicles and the ensuing laughter become part of your family lore, creating shared experiences that last a lifetime."

Gaining Perspective:

"Travel offers more than picturesque landscapes; it gives you and your kids perspective. Engaging with people from different cultures challenges preconceived notions and expands your worldview. It sparks meaningful conversations about topics like transportation infrastructure, cultural identity, and societal norms. Discovering why people in Italy recognize Asheville, North Carolina, opens doors to understanding and appreciation."

In a world that moves at a dizzying pace, family travel becomes a haven for connection, laughter, and learning. The dreams of exploring the Grand Canyon, and Yellowstone, or savoring the Pacific Ocean with your kids are no longer distant wishes – they're within reach.

You’ve imagined it, daydreamed about it, envisioned it. Guess what? Now’s the time to DO IT!

Remember…you only have 18 summers


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