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My Top 6 -The Best of The Bahamas!

The Bahamas are truly a unique destination, and more often than not, far exceed visitors’ expectations. Yes, they have incredible amounts of sunshine and palm trees like other Caribbean destinations, but here are our top 6 things that make the Bahamas special:

#1 Friendly Locals

Locals, affectionately called “Bahamians” are some of the friendliest people on Earth. They know they’ve got a good thing going in their beautiful country, and take great pride in it. Even visitors tend to be happier than normal when they are on island time!

#2 Water is Perfection

Bahamas comes from the Spanish phrase “baja mar” or shallow sea. The water surrounding their islands is warm, crystal clear, and so blue, you must see it to believe it. Pictures never quite do it justice!

#3 Inviting Beaches

The perfect complement to the water is its beaches. The sand is so incredibly soft, you won’t think twice about going barefoot to sink your toes in it as soon as possible. Pick a beach, any beach, they are all amazing!

#4 Fresh Eats

Fishing is an important part of Bahamian life. Many locals make a living off fishing and selling or serving local catch, which is served in virtually every restaurant. For

a one-of-a-kind experience, head to Potter’s Cay and have a local prepare a fresh conch salad just for you!

#5 History & Culture

Let’s set the record straight: did you know Christopher Columbus first made landfall in the new world in the Bahamas? There is so much to learn about the many cultural influences on this Caribbean melting pot of a destination.

#6 Incredible Colors Everywhere

How do you compete with such blue water all around you? You can’t! But the Bahamas has worked hard to compliment the natural beauty by using bright tropical colors on their buildings. From coral to blue, to yellow and lime green, this destination is gorgeous any way you look at it.

The Bahamas have so much to offer, no matter the type of traveler or type of experience you are looking for. Are The Bahamas the best Caribbean destination? You’ll just have to experience it firsthand and decide for yourself!

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