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Hi, my name is Tiffany Alexander, and I am your family travel advisor. I am constantly
thinking about and researching new destinations to visit. I have always loved to travel
and have a Bachelor’s degree in Travel and Tourism. As a child, my family took
many road trips, just us and our grandparents, which was a wonderful experience and
fun memories.

As my kids got into elementary school, I wanted to fill my school hour time. I decided to
refocus on what brings me joy: family and travel.   My husband and I have been taking
our kids on trips since they were infants. The experiences have evolved as they get
older, and it is exciting to see what they find fascinating as they get older. The best gift I
can give them is a life full of experiences and memories.


I decided to put my love of travel, experiences, and desire to explore to great use,
helping you plan the most exciting vacation possible. The world is big and full of once-
in-a-lifetime experiences and I want to help you see as many as you can! 
I want to give you and your family the same opportunities to connect with travel.  Seeing
new things, trying different foods, appreciating the world’s beauty – these shared
experiences create memories for a lifetime. I can’t wait to help you.

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