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Erin Mullins

Travel Planner

Phone: 614-406-2160


Lives in Ohio

 Specializes In: Disney Destinations, Family Travel, Celebration Travel


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A Bit About Me

Hello! I’m a proud mother of two beautiful red-headed daughters, aged 17 and 22, and a dedicated special education teacher with 20 years of experience at the elementary level. Giving back and making others smile has always been a core part of who I am.

My love for travel stems from a desire to learn about new places and share those experiences with my family. Each year, my husband and I celebrate our anniversary by visiting a different MLB stadium, which takes us to new and exciting states. We’ve visited 18 stadiums so far and have plans to explore five more in California. When my daughters were younger, we made it a family tradition to visit a new beach every summer, creating countless cherished memories along the way.

Here are some of my favorite destinations and why they hold a special place in my heart:

- **Hawaii (Big Island)**: Our best vacation ever. The natural beauty and serene atmosphere make it an unforgettable experience.

- **Puerto Vallarta**: A perfect blend of authenticity and luxury, offering a unique and enriching travel experience. I even got to see whales in their natural habitat.

- **New York during the Holidays**: The festive spirit and vibrant energy of the city are simply magical.

- **Savannah**: My favorite place for its charming streets, historic architecture, and Southern hospitality.

- **Outer Banks 4x4 Beaches**: A unique beach experience where driving on the sand adds an adventurous twist.

- **Cancun**: A versatile destination where we've enjoyed both family trips and mother-daughter getaways.

These experiences have taught me that the true value of travel lies in the memories made with loved ones. Whether it's celebrating birthdays, new jobs, retirements, graduations, or any special event, I believe that traveling together strengthens bonds and creates lasting joy.

As a travel consultant, my mission is to help my clients create unforgettable memories with their family and friends. It’s not about materialistic things but about the moments that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Let’s make your next trip one to remember!

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