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Randi DeCap


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Hi! My name is Randi DeCap and I am a Family Travel Specialist here at Dreams Travel Consulting.


If you are here, it means that you are in the early stages of planning a vacation that must be really important to you, and I’m so glad that you are!


For me, traveling isn’t just about taking pictures and checking places off of a bucket list, it's about choosing to invest in your most important relationships, deliberately slowing life down, and letting the magic of a place inspire you and breathe fresh life into your spirit! Helping my clients create bright, meaningful memories is why I do what I do!


A few quick favorites of mine! My favorite places I have traveled to so far are Disney World and Punta Cana!

At Disney, my favorite park would have to be Epcot!


The top 3 rides at all parks are:

Guardians of the Galaxy, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, and Slinky Dog Dash!


It’s never just about the logistics of travel (although I handle that, too). It’s about getting to know you and creating a trip of a lifetime!


Welcome to the Dreams Travel Consulting experience!


Please click the “request a quote” tab that best suits your needs, and I will get back to you as soon as possible! Happy Planning!

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