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12 Safety Tips While Traveling

1- Get in the habit of looking back when you leave somewhere. Travel is very distracting and you will most likely be carrying more than you normally would at home.

2- Separate your sources of money. Don't keep all your credit/bank cards in one place. Carry one or two when out, then keep one or two in your room safe, some at home, and even on another person’s body. You should also have someone in charge of your bank/cards at home should you need to contact them for money too.

3- Don't keep your wallet in your back pocket. This helps you to avoid being the target of pick-pocketing.

4- Scan all your major documents. Have them on your smartphone, computer, and carry copies with you. You could also leave copies with that person back home that is in charge of the money.

5-Get Travel Insurance. This one is very important and I always recommend a travel insurance policy.

6-Get vaccinated. Visit your doctor before you leave. Make sure to stay on top of any requirements for the country you are traveling too. This is still important to be up to date even traveling domestically.

7-Leave your expensive stuff at home! Wearing lots of expensive jewelry, carrying that $2000 camera, etc. makes you a target for thieves.

8-Some skills are better learned at home. For example, most travel insurance policies do not cover scooter-related injuries. So make sure what your policy covers. In fact, 38 people die a day from scooter accidents in Thailand. If you don't know how to ride something or use something on your vacation, it's best not to try it the first time while there.

9-Check the fine print and certificates of instructors. If you are taking a specialist course(like scuba diving) or doing something risky like bungee jumping, then check to make sure the operators have legitimate qualifications and good safety records. And of course, check with your insurance too!

10- Don't leave your belongings unattended in public spaces. This one is a good thing to practice even when you’re not traveling.

11- Don't pat stray dogs and cats. You may miss your babies at home, but strays carry rabies and other infections and can hurt.

12- Be wary of using your credit card at internet cafes and other public internet spaces.

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