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Christmas in the Caribbean

If the idea of another White Christmas has you feeling down, spending Christmas in the Caribbean could be just the thing to cheer you up! Share the holiday spirit with family and friends on sandy white beaches and clear, warm waters!


Considered the gem of the Caribbean, Barbados welcomes the snow-weary to its endless turquoise waters and powdery white sand beaches. The island is beautifully decorated for the Christmas holiday. Homes, hotels, and shops get all decked out for the holiday. Enjoy the festival's craft fairs and massive feasts!


This island getaway is perfect if you want to avoid the crowds, trade in fir trees for palm trees and white snow for white sand. Anguilla is known for its exclusivity and that exclusivity comes at a price. If money is no object, enjoy Christmas services in old churches of all denominations and lots of singing and dancing.

St. Kitts and Nevis

Not only can you celebrate Christmas in this nation spread among two islands, but depending on when you arrive you can also celebrate elements of Carnival and Boxing Day activities. Celebrations get underway in late November and continue till January. Enjoy parades and street parties and tour an organic farm just outside of Basseterre.

Turks and Caicos

Enjoy 12 miles of Christmas lights strung along Grace Bay Beach this Christmas! Turks and Caicos is one of the best places on earth to forego blustery winds and freezing temperatures. December and January see 80-degree temps on these islands making it the perfect paradise.

Trinidad and Tobago

Go to Trinidad and Tobago if you’re into all-night Christmas festivities. The annual Parang Festival celebrates the season with concerts and parties across this two-island country. The food is amazing and is every foodie's paradise!

Cayman Islands

The first thing you’ll notice about Christmas on the Cayman Islands is that Santa has given up his red suit and hat for shorts and flip-flops. The warm tropical weather makes the change necessary! The decorations are festive and there are many holiday events travelers to the island can enjoy.


Montserrat is ideal for those who want to enjoy a Caribbean holiday without the crowds. The island’s annual celebration known as Festival, includes a Soca Monarch competition, the “Night of Pan” party, the crowning of a pageant queen, a calypso contest, and a street party and parade on New Year’s Day.

Ok I know it's too late(or maybe you are that fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants type of person!) But regardless we would LOVE to help YOU with your holiday vacation plans.

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