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Not Sure You Need Travel Insurance?

Encountering the unexpected is often a part of travel; ranging from the inconvenient to a truly serious emergency. Travelex Insurance Services offers comprehensive travel protection coupled with extensive 24-hour emergency assistance services to meet the challenges of today's travel and help you enjoy a worry-free trip.

Consider these reasons to purchase a plan before departing, for a true sense of security on your journey.

Peace of Mind

Whether you lose your job, a hurricane blows through your destination, or your travel supplier declares bankruptcy, our comprehensive plan benefits help get you back on track and find the peace of mind your trip deserves.

Credit Card Shortfalls

Chances are your credit card may not protect you in cases of travel delay, trip cancellation, or emergency medical coverage overseas. These plans tend to have highly limited benefits - always do your research to ensure you're fully protected.

Travel Investment

You work hard for the money and time invested in planning your vacation. Unfortunately even the most careful preparation doesn't avoid life's surprises if you need to cancel or interrupt your trip. Purchasing a Travelex protection plan will help make sure you don't walk away empty-handed.

Medical Expenses

Ensure you're covered if you see a doctor for a medical emergency while traveling. Your personal medical healthcare policy may offer limited coverage or none at all, once you travel outside the United States. Also, the plan may lower benefits or have deductibles when using an out-of-network doctor. Travelex has coverage for you – our plans will reimburse you for medical expenses from any doctor around the world when seen for a covered medical emergency.

Emergency Transportation

Your health and safety are a concern of ours. If an emergency medical evacuation becomes necessary, we will transport you to an adequate facility to receive treatment. Additional benefits include transportation of a visitor of your choice to stay with you or to transport any traveling children back home, should you become hospitalized.

Personal Belongings

A trip to the beach isn't much fun without a bathing suit. Travelex plans go above and beyond any homeowner's insurance policy - not only refunding you for items lost, stolen, or damaged, but reimbursing you for necessary items you need to buy and continue having fun on your trip until your baggage is returned.

Travel Assistance & Concierge Services

Don't overlook this valuable component of each and every one of our insurance plans. Available 24/7, call us prior to departing for assistance or advice on planning your trip – from booking concert tickets to making dinner reservations or a tee time for golf. While traveling, one toll-free call gives you access to a variety of travel services such as medical emergency assistance and lost baggage retrieval.

Some things to consider:

Single Supplements - whether related or not, anyone sharing a cabin is considered a traveling companion so if their cabin mate has to cancel for a covered reason and the second traveler decides they still want to travel, 3rd party insurance will reimburse for the Single Supplement.

Scheduled Air - unlike many tour operators, cruise lines are still not covering airfare that is not purchased directly through them. If there is a cancellation/interruption that airfare will not be covered in the plan.

Trip Interruption - this is a big one when it comes to Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR). Everyone looks at CFAR as providing great flexibility to the client pre-trip (editors note: which I would argue why would you want to give the client too much flexibility and jeopardize your hard work? You don't get paid if the client cancels and I don't agree that CFAR is a great "service" to the client, but I digress...). However, that does not extend to incidents that could come up once the client departs and the actually covered reasons for Trip Cancellation are very limited in cruise line plans; usually limited to medical-related incidents. For example, if there is a fire in your client's home while they are on a 10-day cruise they are at much greater risk of not having coverage to interrupt their trip and return home to deal with that situation than they would with a 3rd party insurance plan as the reasons for Trip Cancellation also extend throughout their entire trip.

Compensation - it's ok to be selfish! You're in this business to make money and you're not doing a disservice to your client by offering them a 3rd party policy. Overall the benefit limits are much higher, they are getting better coverage from the minute they buy the plan to the minute they get home which provides them peace of mind and helps you build your brand.

Claims services - Cruise lines don't pay claims, they outsource them to insurance companies. When you offer them a plan from a 3rd party insurance company (or at least the major insurance companies), all claims are managed in-house. Insurance companies manage the process from start to finish so the client is always dealing with the same company.

Relationship - this is a relationship business and is really an extension of the Claims bullet point. You have the benefit of building a relationship with your preferred insurance company (just like you do with any supplier you choose to work with) so that when you need support you have someone to contact for assistance. If you purchase the plan directly from the cruise line you don't have a contact at the insurance company and your cruise line rep will have limited ability to assist you. If you are advertising your services as a client advocate you can't leave a hole in the background by not being able to speak directly with every one of the vendors you are selling them.

Dreams Travel Consulting advisors always consult their clients on purchasing travel insurance.

If you are ready to begin planning your trip, give us a text/call at 208-297-3237 or email

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